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Akpos and tolu in an exam hall
Akpos and tolu were writing mathematics in an examination hall.Akpos did not know the answer to a particular question, so he decided to ask tolu

Akpos:- Tolu please what is number 2 answer

Tolu:- Who you help?

Akpos:- please tell me the answer

Tolu:-Who you help?

3 days later Both of them were writing Chemistry and tolu did not know a particular question

Tolu:- please akpos I know that I wronged you during mathematics, I am sorry. I need you to tell me a particular answer and please don't reply me with "Who you help" as a form of revenge.

Akpos:- don't worry I won't reply you with "who you help"

Tolu:- Thanks a lot

Akpos:- so what's the question?

Tolu:- what's number 3 answer?

Akpos:- who your father, mother, grand father, grand mother, ancestor, uncle and niece help?
He 4get add aunty ni?
haha....Akpos na savager
He 4 Add WHO Grammy Grandma GARBY Charlyboy Help Big Grin
Frosh^_^ Boy
Big Grin

This is too much...

Oya F9 for both of them in their consecutive subjects..
Jokes is the reason for HappYness
Be cool @ it
1 Heart
Well Deserved Answer

Buh Akpos you don't need to disturb yourself by mentioning there name...
just say

Who Your Generation Help

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