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Akpos and tolu in an exam hall
Akpos and tolu were writing mathematics in an examination hall.Akpos did not know the answer to a particular question, so he decided to ask tolu

Akpos:- Tolu please what is number 2 answer

Tolu:- Who you help?

Akpos:- please tell me the answer

Tolu:-Who you help?

3 days later Both of them were writing Chemistry and tolu did not know a particular question

Tolu:- please akpos I know that I wronged you during mathematics, I am sorry. I need you to tell me a particular answer and please don't reply me with "Who you help" as a form of revenge.

Akpos:- don't worry I won't reply you with "who you help"

Tolu:- Thanks a lot

Akpos:- so what's the question?

Tolu:- what's number 3 answer?

Akpos:- who your father, mother, grand father, grand mother, ancestor, uncle and niece help?
He 4get add aunty ni?
haha....Akpos na savager
He 4 Add WHO Grammy Grandma GARBY Charlyboy Help Big Grin
Frosh^_^ Boy
Big Grin

This is too much...

Oya F9 for both of them in their consecutive subjects..
Well Deserved Answer

Buh Akpos you don't need to disturb yourself by mentioning there name...
just say

Who Your Generation Help

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