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i call this a happy REUNION
Both Mr james and Mr Ben are my neighbours. I helped Mr james in having a secret affair with Mr Ben's wife and thesame way i also helped Mr Ben in dating Mr jame's wife and they both don't know about it. One day, Mr james told his wife that he was going to work, he sneaked into Mr Ben's apartment and started making love with Mr Ben's wife. Unfortunately Mr Ben came back and started knocking at the door. Mr james fleed and hide under the bed.

Mr Ben came in, Mr Ben's wife not feeling ok with the situation told her husband that she was going to the market. Mr Ben used the oppoturnity of his wife's absence and called on Mr jame's wife and they both started making love while Mr james was still under the bed. Mr Ben's wife returned unexpectedly and started knocking at the door, Mr Jame's wife fleed and hid under the same bed where her husband was...! I called that REUNION!!!
lol both of them will be like "are u still cheating on me?"
Cheating Revision Class
Jokes is the reason for HappYness
Be cool @ it
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my lips are sealed
I comment my reserve
Say God!
just passing by...
Happy married life
In 6words....Mk We Dy Go Our Haus...!!!

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