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Akpos visited his village people for help
Akpos wants to be mad rich, so he visited his village people for help.

His village people told him that they can only help him achieve 50% of what he desire.

Akpos then told them "then help me, I will work for the remaing 50%, I really want to be mad rich"

The village people kept to their promise of assisting him half way (50%) because Akpos is currently Mad.
lol, at least they kept to their promise Big Grin
hahaha.... my belle oh...
Next time akpos will not go and meet village people for help.
Haha Haha!
Joke of the week.. Big Grin

You will not kill somebody will laugh

Akpos is now madt, I hope he won't carry d madness to nxt yr.. Big Grin

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Jokes is the reason for HappYness
Be cool @ it
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