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Akpos experience in an hospital
Akpos went to an hospital to run a test because his body temperature was high and he had a sore throat.

doctor:- Welcome sir

Akpos:- Thank you very much

Doctor:- I just feel sorry for some men, more than 8 different women that came here today all tested positive to HIV. They will now go home and give their husbands the virus

Akpos:- That's life for you, Women are heartless. but I thank God for giving me a good wife

Doctor:- You are lucky then. The last woman I ran a test on today tested positive to HIV, syphillis and Onomatopoeiapiricsis.

Akpos:- That's very bad

Doctor:- She must have transferred those viruses to her husband, then the husband will start having sore throat and high temperature

Akpos:- What was the woman name again?

Doctor:- Mrs ochuko Akpos
Dats Real Savage Lolxx
Frosh^_^ Boy
Great disaster.......

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