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my mouth dor put me for trouble o
I got to understand the meaning of na your mouth go kill you today
I entered a bus going from Egbeda to oshodi under bridge
I dey on my own o
The conductor come insult person wey i no know for my entire life
I come carry the person matter for my head
I yab the conductor
Insult am
Finish am with my mouth
Every body dey beg me make I stop
I no gree hear
Until I reach my bustop
I say make I pay money
I come check my wallet
Money no dey
I check every where
Money no dey

I come remember sey I mistakenly troway #1000 instead of chew gum wrapper when i be deh para for the conductor
The conductor no too talk
He just sat down
And ask me to take over his job
To avoid beating
Right now

I dey hang for danfo bus door
Park!!! park!!! Who dey go? One chance Cry
lol.... u deserve am

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