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The aboki gate man and his boss
man drive to his house after he close frm work.he horn his car nd his aboki gateman who been washing odas cars wit a water hose,rushes nd open de man drives in nd climb de water hose. De aboki taps de car window nd says "Oga rubber !rubber!"de man hear" Robber"jump out of de car nd climb ova de fence 2de next house nd aboki jumped after him &hide besides him.......
De man whispers: "hey.....whr r dey armed robbers ?? Whr is ma wife nd children "??

Aboki luk @ his Oga with surprise &whispers: " which armed robberys Oga ??"

Man:Haahaa........but u told me abt robbers na ?"

Aboki:me ???.....Tell am 4 u for robbers??.... Has no,Oga!...say u march am 4 rubber!

""man shouts at aboki y did u jumps de fence wit me ?????..

Aboki: "ha, Oga I no knw wetn de pursue am 4 me....BT I run bcos I no wan wetin I pursue am 4 me catch am u too ......Walahi!!!!.
When John firm HAUSA.? Huh
Jokes is the reason for HappYness
Be cool @ it
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i dnt undastand this guy called JOHN again..

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