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compilation of short jokes (both old and new jokes)
1) Onitsha Boys Be like "my name is Ramanus Ikechukwu Peter,
but my frnds calls me RIP
# FADALURD_take_my_soul

2. Dis period that Nigeria is celebrating MUSA is the Best period to
buy SUYA, the Aboki will just put plenty Jara # wisdom_wont_kill_me

3. You Can't trust A girl called NATASHA, because Natasha spelt
backwards is AH SATAN

4. You told us that You ar in Russia and ur Nigerian number is
active # generation_of_lai_Muhammad

5. You people that didn't Sleep just because of Mid night call, how
far with ur relationship??
# lemme_be_minding_my_business_SHA

6. Christians will be singing, "Abraham blessings are mine", can u
do wat Abraham Did?? # lubbish

7. If u see the phone lock pattern some guyz use in unlocking their
smart phones, u will think that Vectors and Trignometry is their
Favourite mathematics topic, whereas ordinary perimeter of a
cycle, they can't solve # lazy_youths

8. Rich people goes to private hospital, they sends their children to
private schools, but Thank God will all have Private parts
# God_is_really_great

9. Best alarm clock is your mum, If u tell her to wake u up by
7am, she will end up waking u by 6am saying itz 8am
# mummy_continue

10. ATM will swallow ur card ;( and u will look behind u and
tell the next person to try his own,Aren't u a Christian??
# wicked_souls

11. When English is not in ur blood, u will be like "EXCUSE ME!, u
tool my book, Tookn't u??
# onyibo_bu_agbara

12. I think, It is against the law to eat full corn in Nigeria, Somebody
must appear from nowhere and break it into two ;( ;( ;(

# I_yaff_ tire me
13. Do you remember when you and your Ex nearly took añ oath
not to leave each other??
# idiot_u_would_have_been_mad_by_now

14. If all the girls unite to SAY NO!! to sex until HIV/AIDS drug is
found, am sure men will find the drug within 48hrs
# argue_with_ur_shadow which one crack ur ri
I gbadun with no 14
oboy i gbadun everytin

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