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50 random jokes
1.Sucking a slim girls bress is very sweet and romantic,, until bone shook you for mouth???

3.A good wife should be like
Welcome my husband, food is ready.
Will u eat b4 u eat or will u eat b4 u eat.
If u know u know??

4. After your phone ? battery dies sit down to plan your life., and then, BOOM!!! NEPA brings back the light..Plan suspended!???

5. Hard Guy, Beard Gang but You tell the bike man "Small Small" When he is riding with speed and u hold his waist.?

6. I saw som1 who laminated his ATM card 2day, if I mention where d person comes frm now, people will think I hate Ibadan people ..???

7. Surviving in Nigeria is not easy....
Someone online wants to sell fridge with no door, he's convincing me to use curtain??

8. I still can't believe I was born without my permission,
What if I wanted to be a mosquito??

9. See eh, Sleeping next to your new bae for the very first time can be really
You have to breath in English, not too loud and not too low.???

10. This beautiful girl in my street will not come out today that I'm wearing fine clothes, its when I want to go and buy bread she will appear like evil spirit. ????

11. The way some people take WhatsApp personal, you'll think their kids will inherit their fb accounts ..?????

12. The only thing u can
get in Nigeria
without connection is Pregnancy and STIs

13. Don't Trust A Girl Who Doesn't Use
Her Fathers Name On Social Media.
If She Can Deny Her Fathers, My Brother Who Are You?????

14. On d last day, some guys will still be looking at the yansh of some girls while going to hell.
Angels will be shouting "okechukwu enter ooooo

15. Ladies..?
Not All Guys Who Call You In Public Want 2 Woo You; ?
Some Just Want 2 Tell You That Your Pant Is Showing.?‍♀?‍♀

16. If you count the number of beds some girls have slept on? its enough to build 3 general hospitals..?????

17. You Cannot be a ‘SlayQueen’ and Be Smelling. Stop That Nonsense!???

18. And She Blocked me Becos I Told Her that Her Short name for “Elizabeth is Eliza”not Lizzy ????

19. Only igbo kids will chase a fowl till the fowl develops a muscle pull

20. It's raining seriously here in Canada. How about Nigeria??????

21. This days The way girls like cars ehh? you'll think they were breastfed with engine oil.???

22. When the Pastor is praying that
whatever that doesn't glorify God in your
body should disappear & your Dick
Disappeared ...??

23. Those that Cry ? during Worship ???? But Sleep ? during Sermon. What's their problem?

24. On judgement day
They should arrange like 10,000 angels that will separate fight between yahoo boys and white women

25. I Miss Those Girls That Use To Cry After Break Ups.
Girls Of Nowadays??
They'll Just Replace You With Contestant Number Two??

26. Double heart attack message from a babe to her guy:
1st SMS: Let`s break up now, it`s all over. ??
2nd SMS: Sorry, Sorry, Sorry! That was not for you????

27. Battery Full???
You Mean I Should Unplug My Phone When There's Still Light???
Is Like you Don't Know We Are In Nigeria??????????

28. Rich people: 2 slices of bread and tea with a small mug

Poor people: #180 agege bread & tea Inside jug featuring beans

29. Owerri Girls are now Scared ? of Avalon ?, Venza?, AccuraZDX?, Benz etc, Maka igba Ara
? ??

30. Drinking lots of water can help you mind your business cos you spend most of your time urinating instead of Gossiping.?????

31. If She is not Good in Bed ? ,
Biko Try the Floor and Stop Disturbing Us


32. Churches should stop men from using Bible mobile apps while the sermon is ongoing. 95% of them are checking livescore

33. If you have a crush on someone, hide it very well because the moment you tell them, they will start acting like deputy jesus.?????????

34. Look into my Eyes ? and tell me you LOVE me....

Naso some people take catch Apollo

35. You Call Your Boyfriend HONEY And Now You're Complaining other Girls Are Disturbing Him...
Who Doesn't Like SWEET Things?? ? ?

36. If u want to woo a Nigerian lady on social media, don’t start with "hi" I repeat don't start with "hi" She won't reply u. Start with, "Do u use First bank???????

37. That girl u call smallie, Your Dad may be in her inbox begging her to stop calling him "sir" that his name is
"Solomon Maduka"??

38. Some Boys Can Form and Pretend??Just to look like good innocent guys. During sex .They be lyk “Baby, Is this the hole?"

Idiot It's The Gate, Knock And Enter inside???

39. And He Said ??
Once they Engage you in Nigeria, You’ll wash Clothes, wash Plates & Cook till the Ring? Sef will Fade.??

40. When she says"i don't date guys who walk" brother buy a wheelchair ????

41. You Got Angry Because I Forgot Your Birthday,

Did I Give Birth To You?

42. No girl is more happy than a girl whose boyfriend's mum calls "our wife" she can even wash the compound gate????????

43. One thing about one room apartment is that you wake up and see all your properties at once.?????

44. “i don't date broke girls”
Said by a guy who bathes with soap until it looks like a sim card! ???
Naija Guys i hail oooh ??

45. Sex is like a secret cult everybody belongs to, but no one admits being a member.
Except pregnant women! ??

46. I wonder if dey use curry and thyme to make perfumes nowadays
a guy sitting beside me smells like Jellof Rice
*Now I'm Hungry?

47. If it's not wet and refuses to enter, apply saliva on it,
it will enter smoothly. That's how we put thread in a needle

48. If “SEX”
has a Last seen Like that of WhatsApp, I know 2 of my Friends that will Be online Right now...

49. Short girls can use Front camera to snap full pictures ????...magicians

50. Wenger is leaving, remaining buhari.
The lord that did it for Arsenal will do it for us.??

nice 1
hahaha... they all funny
U tried
Big Grin
Jokes is the reason for HappYness
Be cool @ it
1 Heart
Ameen ooooo

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