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Nigeria churches wont kill me o
Check out some funny Nigeria church banners

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Big Grin
Chai my ribs! .. ALL Got me laughing o

1st banner : from the look of the Theme.. It shows the pastor is even possessed..

2nd banner ? Haba.... You wan send spiritual husband give am? No oo u for kuku marry am make her junior pastor wife.

3rd banner Big Grin I smell America?.. Lol behold.. A dog without VISA

Haha the last pic got me.. Big Grin

Tied in the village? You will tell us whether you be goat
Jokes is the reason for HappYness
Be cool @ it
1 Heart
Hahaha all got me laffing
Lol, but all those banners seems they are from the east (easterner's sorry o)
Devil iyaf suffer oo, for more than 2,000 yrs, all the battle fought against him, he refuse to die.
Satan, die na Huh

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