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Akpos visited his friend johnny in America
# Akpors was given a leave from his office, so he decided to go and spend the leave with his friend (Johnny) in America. On getting there, the Johnny took him out to see places and the last place he took him to was the zoo. In the zoo, they visited the lions' cage. Suddenly, Johnny jumped inside the cage. Akpors, stunned, wondered why he did that, but when the lion approached Johnny, he said "Bone,no flesh." The lion was disappointed when it heard this, turned back and went to sleep. Akpors couldn't believe what just happened and he said to himself that he must try this in Warri zoo. So when he came back to Nigeria, he went to the zoo in Warri and jumped inside the lion's cage. As the lion approached him slowly, he said with all confidence, "Bone,no flesh!". But to his surprise, the lion cheekily replied. "I go manage am!"

# One last word for Akpors Abeg!!!
Rest in Pieces
he wan try naija lion... Big Grin
He digged his grave.
Jokes is the reason for HappYness
Be cool @ it
1 Heart
what a trial

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