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sunday joke
I accompanied my neighbour ( a Catholic member) to his Church for his child's dedication today..
What caught my attention was the Rev father, he was looking so young and his face looks familiar.
It was when we accompanied him to the alter for prayers that I recognized the Rev father, he was my junior in school, and I flogged the hell out of him..

Funny enough, he recognized me too cos he looked at me and smiled.. After praying for the family, he started spraying us holy water one after the other, he was using one container to spray everybody until he got to me.
As he was in my front, I heard him whisper to one of the mass servers assisting him "keep the container,get me one full bucket of water", they got him a full bucket of holy water,the Rev father emptied on me,.." Get me another one"...
Omg what have I gotten myself into?,..they got him another bucket,.. "Father u ve poured me before" I said..

"My son,don't tell the Lord what to do,he wants to bless u abundantly today" he replied as he empties the second bucket on me..
As I was about to leave with others he held my shoulders and whisper to me "senior u remember what I told u back then in school when u were flogging me for nothing, that VENGEANCE IS OF THE LORD"..
Happy sunday.
lol, next life don't oppress your junior in school

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