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Even the Bible warned us about CHANGE
Even bible warn us about APC. But we obviously don't read our Bible Cry Cry

Open to proverbs 24 vs 21 and 22

===> "21: My son, fear the lord and fear the king as well, Do not associate with those that say CHANGE. "

===> 22: For their calamity comes quickly and the disaster they both may bring "

Buhari you no do us well ooo! You use all in the name of change bribe us, Issokay.. Our God will fight for US Cry

Lest say I Dey public transport , and I just do mistake hear say conductor Dey talk.. How much be your CHANGE, I go just CHANGE am for am give am better slap.. Way go CHANGE he thinkin Big Grin
Jokes is the reason for HappYness
Be cool @ it
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