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Akpos and his barber
Fred:- Akpos I want to cut my hair but I have just #70 with me

Akpos:- No problem, I know someone that cuts hair for just #50

Fred:- Are you sure?

Akpos:- Yes, the last time I went to his saloon he charged me just #50

Fred:- Wow let's go then

Akpos then took Fred to the barber's saloon. The barber gave Fred a very nice cut. After the cut, Fred gave him #50.

Barber:- my money is #300 and not #50

Fred:- what? but you charged Akpos #50 the last time he came

Barber:- I don't know this your friend akpos, by the way when was that Akpos?

Akoos:- you have forgotten so soon? I was the one who came last eight years ago.

Fred fainted
But this akpos need to be taken to yaba left oh. I mean he his not normal na.
Chai, Humm Never!................I must not faint!

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