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Whatsapp Group conversation featuring football legends
English premier League Group

Pep joined the group

Conte joined the group

Pep: Hi

Conte :hello

Pep: are we d only one here

Mourinho :No I'm here

Klopp: Pep I showed you how good I can be tactically:-P

Conte: because you beat man city now we won't rest again @klopp.

Wenger: Abi oh

Klopp: I'm sorry conte I wasn't talking to you so shut your fucking mouth Mr Match fixer.

Mourinho :c'mon klopp that's too much now lol.

Conte : Big Grin

Pep added De bruyne,silva,aguero to the group.

Mourinho added POGBA LUKAKU to the group

Pep:well mr klopp u did a very good job for ending my unbeaten kudos..

Klopp:I'm the boss

Wenger:boss of where? How many trophy do you have in EPL?

mourinho:and when last have you won the league mr Wenger?

Wenger; shut up mourinho mr bus Parker.

Sir Alex Ferguson joined the group using the invite link..

Sir Alex: why are you all behaving like kids?

Pep: don't mind them sir ..sir pls how did you win the EPL then?

Sir Alex; you can inbox me privately on that


Morata: I'm sad

Conte: why are u sad?

Morata:is it true that you want to buy Andy Carroll?

Conte:yes why NOT when you are not useful! Even your head that is useful is now useless so why not

Mourinho: lollllll lmao useless coach and player's

Pep: morata sorry oh

Pep: for me I choose Pulaski because his strong

Wenger; I prefer lacazzete

Mourinho: Wenger pls shut up pls lukaku is the best

Sir Alex: will you stop all this nonsense let me talk.. well, morata BAKAYOKO and lukaku POGBA are useless so I prefer OR.

Messi: Jesus=-O

SuarezConfusedir Alex wont kill me lol...

Bakayoko:pls what club is OR playing for?

Carrick: OR is playing for your family idiot

Ozil :, Carrick u stupid for that statement

Morata wife :joined the group

Ronaldo:what is a woman doing in the group

Bale:wonder why she's here

De gea: pls who added her?

Morata wife: pls I'm sorry I'm here to complain

Victor moses: what

Aziplicueta: what is it young lady

Moratawife:hmmmmorata missed our wedding today

Pep: what!!!!!!!! Huh

Wenger: Jesus!!!

Conte: you see what I'm saying tell me what morata won't miss?

Courtois: maybe his burial

Conte: who told you he won't miss it?

Victor moses: conte I have a solution to our problem

Conte: yes what is it

Victor moses: I have spoken to one striker can I add him to the group?

Conte: wow! Go on

Morata: who is the striker

Lukaku: maybe Carroll

Moses: just wait I'm coming

Victor moses added Buhari to the group

Iwobi: yehh mogbe chineke? Is this the striker?lol

Bakayoko: lol

Buhari: hello coach conte when can I come for my medical

Conte: which medical? Cancer or Heart attack .....

To be continued.....

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