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primary 1 student asked her teacher a question (very funny)
A 5 years old primary 1 student went to his teacher and asked her "mir is it bad to loose something"?

The teacher thought for a moment and said why are you asking me this question?

"I am asking you this questuion because i helped someone lost something, so I want to know if to loose something is bad so that I can start crying" said the 5 years old boy.

The teacher don't want the boy to cry so she told him that to loose something is not a bad thing"

The boy started rejoicing.. The teacher was happy that she made the boy smile...The boy started jumping and singing "I will make the rest of them loose it"

This morning I was watching NTA news and the news headline was that "All the primary 1 girls of God chosen primary school has lost their virginity"
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