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Funny Rants for the weekend.
Funny Rants.
1. It's only in Nigeria someone will knock on your door and still use their mouth to do "ko-ko-ko".
**na wetin?**
2. U are angry because I didn't send u birthday
wishes. But was it not you that posted on your
birthday saying
"wow, i cant believe im +1 today"
Biko, if u cant believe it,
is it me that will believe????.
**U be Jesus?**
3. he visited his aunt yesterday. She gave him
#10,250....... Ahhhh... He prostrated as he rolled
on d floor and thanked her...
Then next she said "Give your mummy #10,000 and
use #250 for transport.
**u see why some people wouldn't make heaven?**
4. Igbos are mostly Christians
Hausas are mostly Muslims
Yorubas are the confused set of people
We nor understan..... Yeeh! My Eyes Who Stone Me
Pepper!! Yeeh!!!.

5. I don't understand the connection between
iPhone users and mirror .. Does it mean that the
Camera doesn't work without the Mirror?.
6.No matter how beautiful and colorful your wedding
was, it will never make sense to the people who
didn't eat at the wedding.
U go hear,
"Forget Asoebi first...... Wedding wey rice finish
before wedding start, Dat na wedding?"
7. If he Says he Loves You From The Bottom Of
His Heart. Ask Him Who's At The Top Pls.
8. If She Accepts Your Request...That Means You Have Passed The Profile Picture Interview.
****which one did it for you pals?****

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