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the incredible cock - Charlyboy440 - 06-06-2018

The Incredible Cock

A farmer bought a male fowl (cock) the moment he released it in the poultry farm, it slept with 150 female fowl (hen) and they produced uncountable young chicks
The farmer was happy and impressed.

2nd day : The cock slept with 60 female goats and conceived then the farmer became suspicious with the cock

The 3rd day :The farmer saw the cock banging the sheeps and cow.. And was shocked

The 4th day : The farmer saw the cock lying sick on the floor and a lot of vultures hovering and circulating around him

Farmer : you deserved to die, you ashawo fowl.

Cock : (opens one eye and said) shhhhhhh I dey wait make dem land, I wan know if vultures dey sweet for bed Big GrinBig Grin

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4ky cocky