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27 short funny jokes compilation - wizkid - 06-06-2018

1) U came to kidnap me with a G-Wagon and u expect me to shout. Abeg shift make I balance well!!!

2) I have never seen someone having heart beat than a guy who impregnate a soldiers daughter.
He will start chewing water end up drinking rice

3)Guys, whatever you do in this life don't offend your village people.

4) A guy in my neighborhood won 500k from bet9ja and his girlfriend washed it with his trousers.

5) Me I can't wait to get married, so I can eat 2 meat and 1 fish every night with my food

6) *Child* of God and you still have sex with condom isn't God's protection enough for you

7)My brother Don't bother reading her chats. She already deleted the suspicious ones before she arrived at your place. Just unblock the blocked numbers and then wait.
Thank me later if you survive the heart attack.

8) Welcome to Nigeria where girls borrow makeup and dress just to visit a guy who borrows room from his friend
Too much *confusion* and *transmission*

9) imagine marrying a wife that can't start Generator when you aren't at home

10) Girls are wicked they will break up with you and turn a lesbian then take your new girl

11) Hard guy! Hard Guy!!
Yhu still Use Mosquitoes Net at Night

12) You will hang your pant in your boyfriend's bathroom and be claiming woman of the House, awon chief territory maker, another girl will come and use it to burst pimples

13) The rich girls go for guys they like, while the poor ones from poor homes be forming nonsense

14)Moms are the best savages
Me: Mama I never belle-full
Mum: Drink water on top am

15) ahbeg if MONEY NA FINE
BOBO.....OBASANJO case different

16)This days
Davido's girlfriend trend more than some Nigerian
When last did you hear from TerryG?

17)How can someone just inbox me and ask me straight.... "what are you doing for a living???
I coach witches and wizards

18) Comment if you once washed ur uniform in the morning, squeeze with a towel, iron it & then wear it to school

19) Getting married is like getting into an occultic society nobody tells u what u gonna meet or see there until u enter

20) With the way some girls love cars,
You will think they were breastfeed with Engine oil!

21)She's nt gud in Bed
She's nt gud in Bed
Brother Have u tried Chair , floor or Table...?
Don't just judge with one position

22) Those people that don't know the difference btwn *Exit" and "exist" , do they still exit?

23) Guys, if you want to get emergency heart
attack, check your gf message inbox

24) Farmer buys a young cock. As soon as it comes
home, it rushes & fucks all the 153 hens... The
farmer is impressed thinking about the eggs the
hens would hatch. At lunch, the young energetic
cock again screws all the 153 hens. The farmer
got tensed up now.Next day, he finds the cock
fucking the ducks & the geese and parrot too
which scared the hell out of him.Later that day,
the farmer finds the cock lying pale, half-dead &
vultures circling overhead. Farmer says "You
deserved it, you horny little bastard! U deserve
this"The cock opens one eye,points up & says
"Ssshhh. Let them land, I've never fucked a
vulture in my whole fucking career"...
*someone here is like that cock*

25) Skinny girls wearing G-strings pant what are you actually dividing? Your bones?

26) Why is it that a Nigerian girls' birthday is not complete without a studio shoot
Please am on way to the electronic shop.. I want to buy cameras

27) I have been played many times my next girlfriend am giving her pregnancy straight away

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lol very funny

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4ny sumtin