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correct shortcut - gregorzz - 06-03-2018

Gregorrz wanted a short cut to catch a bus and this discussion arised between him and a farmer

Gregorzz: Good day sir

Farmer: Good day

Gregorzz: please sir can I pass through ur field I am running late to catch an important bus. It is really urgent by 6:00 and the time is 5:35

Farmer: you can but if my bull sees you I assure you, you will get there before 5:40

RE: correct shortcut - Charlyboy440 - 06-04-2018

Big Grin

Temple run begins Big Grin

RE: correct shortcut - gregorzz - 06-04-2018

haha abi

RE: correct shortcut - fish - 06-04-2018

haha .... nice 1

RE: correct shortcut - harriet - 06-04-2018

he he... lwkm o

RE: correct shortcut - Samboizz - 06-04-2018

Ahahaha.,. Not Temple Run But Survival Run

RE: correct shortcut - @mrbahbz - 06-05-2018

Even Temple And Survival Run None Of Them Go Fit Catch The Guy..Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Omo lyk dis gan i wan laff tire